Thought Leaders

  • Publishing: We are open to thought leaders, researchers, disruptors, innovators and independent consults as way to publish in an open market for a higher level of awareness.
  • Podcasting: Our platform provides an effective way for you to build your video blogs, podcasts and video profiles.

Marketing Services

  • Marketing: We extend our marketing services in a manner where companies provide informative and consultative approach to meet market challenges. Companies are able to present their company, product and services in a way that is easily consumed by busy professionals doing research or seeking solutions. In other words, an opportunity for companies to present informative pitch material to a wider audience in a free form. We can support as much or as little as your team needs in the strategy, content approach and promotions.
  • Promotions: We offer flexible programs that build brand value, awareness for your services and events and generate new business.
  • Webinars, Videos and Podcasts: We work with you to develop a strategy, produce and promote informative material including webinars, video profiles for products, executives, markets and organizations of all sizes.
  • Advertising: We are currently offering a limited amount of advertising and with the ultimate goal of no traditional advertising. Our intent is to create an economically viable and thriving professional network based on highly valued services for all stakeholders.

Strategic Partners

  • Independent Consultants and Boutique Firms: Our strategic network of trusted advisors helps put you in front of more decision makers every day. Our approach fosters organic growth and awareness for all stakeholders. Our programs are flexible and can accommodate most budgets or generate new revenue streams for you in the form of billable services and projects.
  • LinkedIn Group Managers and Market Influencers: If you have outgrown your LinkedIn groups or other niche sites, we are the next generation program to help you grow your business and expand your base of influence. We have flexible models to accommodate most conditions and we are crossing many verticals, industries and regions to maximize reach.
  • Recruiters: Tap into our audience and resources to promote your services, positions or find candidates.
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