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Major Changes in the Payment Industry
eChecks by email is a revolutionary payment tool for companies of all sizes.  eCheck’s by email is a safe, secure and economic solution for payment disbursements, rebates, […]
What is Ethereum? What is Ether?
Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party […]
Does Blockchain Have The Potential To Disrupt Everything?
Blockchain technology is the foundation for cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin. However, the core technology known as blockchain has many more applications beyond digital currencies. Jim […]
Visa Ready enables Connected Commerce with secure payments and engagement across mobile, wearables and IoT
Visa Ready partners can access a consistent digital experience by leveraging the Visa Ready Certification program. The Visa Ready program includes mobile, wearables and Internet of […]
Connected Commerce: Secure payments and engagement across mobile, wearables and IoT- Mastercard
Mastercard is doing its part to power Connected Commerce by helping secure the way consumers pay electronically through innovative digital wallet services like Masterpass™.Masterpass™ drives […]
High Growth, High Rent – The New Homeless Challenge For Tech Cities
Faced with some of the most expensive rental housing in the nation, some Bay Area residents are feeling priced out and are seeking low-cost alternatives. […]
Telemedicine Can Improve Care, Especially for Underserved Patients
This episode was adapted from a column friend-of-the-show Austin Frakt wrote for the Upshot. Links to references and further reading can be found there:… […]
Samsung IoT Smart City
Samsung overview on smart city solutions
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