Major Changes in the Payment Industry
eChecks by email is a revolutionary payment tool for companies of all sizes.  eCheck’s by email is […]
Smart NFC Powered Tattoos Can Light You Up
DuoSkin is prototyping NFC enabled wearable tattoo’s and other “on-skin” user interface fabrics and applications. […]
High Growth, High Rent – The New Homeless Challenge For…
Faced with some of the most expensive rental housing in the nation, some Bay Area […]
Can this project clean up millions of tons of ocean…
About 9 million tons of plastic are dumped into the world’s oceans every year — […]
Why Russia could cut diplomatic ties with Ukraine
Russia said Friday that the country would break diplomatic ties with Ukraine over what it […]
Telemedicine Can Improve Care, Especially for Underserved Patients
This episode was adapted from a column friend-of-the-show Austin Frakt wrote for the Upshot. Links […]
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