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Major Changes in the Payment Industry
eChecks by email is a revolutionary payment tool for companies of all sizes.  eCheck’s by email is a safe, secure and economic solution for payment disbursements, rebates, […]
What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin overview in 5 minutes.
Blockchain technology is increasingly taking shape in many industries. Bitcoin is one of the leading crypto currencies and is positioned to impact banking, loyalty, rewards, […]
Apple Pay Safari
Apple Pay Accepted on Safari
With the latest release of macOS Sierra and the new IOS 10, there is support for Apple Pay to make purchases on the web using […]
Does Blockchain Have The Potential To Disrupt Everything?
Blockchain technology is the foundation for cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin. However, the core technology known as blockchain has many more applications beyond digital currencies. Jim […]
Insights Visa IoT
Visa Ready enables Connected Commerce with secure payments and engagement across mobile, wearables and IoT
Visa Ready partners can access a consistent digital experience by leveraging the Visa Ready Certification program. The Visa Ready program includes mobile, wearables and Internet of […]
Connected Commerce: Secure payments and engagement across mobile, wearables and IoT- Mastercard
Mastercard is doing its part to power Connected Commerce by helping secure the way consumers pay electronically through innovative digital wallet services like Masterpass™.Masterpass™ drives […]
MasterCard M/Chip Fast
Eighty Percent of Mastercard U.S. Consumer Credit Cards Have Chips
Index Helps Deploy M/Chip Fast to Speed Shoppers through Checkout PURCHASE, N.Y. – August 3, 2016 – Mastercard today announced that 80 percent of its […]
Selfie Pay! Consumers are comfortable with biometric verification for payments.
There is a lot of discussions on how biometrics will change how payments are made. MasterCard did research and created a video based on the […]
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