186. News: The future of stablecoins, Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade, and the first comprehensive crypto law

gm. Mauricio Magaldi and Cuy Sheffield are back this week to talk about the latest and greatest news in the world of crypto, including:

US Congress to introduce new draft bill for stablecoins
Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade Is Complete, Starting New Era of Staking Withdrawals
EU Parliament Approves Crypto Licensing, Funds Transfer Rules

We are also joined by some amazing guests:

Rhian Lewis, Developer, Author and Cryptocurrency Consultant
Robert Mullins, Token Design Associate at Outlier Ventures
Lindsey Argalas, COO at Taxbit

Just a quick reminder – nothing we share here is legal, tax or financial advice. Views or opinions expressed by the panel are their own and do not necessarily reflect the view of the entities they are representing.

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Special Guests: Lindsey Argalas, Rhian Lewis, and Robert Mullins.


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